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Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB) Standard First Aid (SFA) Recertification Policy:

Your certificate is valid for 3 years but you must recertify within 2 years to get the recertification deal. If your SFA certification is older than three years, WSIB requires that you take the full course (not a recert) again.

WSIB specifies that SFA award holders may recertify just once on a SFA recertification course. To renew a SFA certification subsequently, WSIB requires you to repeat the full course. Thereafter, you may renew by alternating recertifications and original courses.

Holders of Standard First Aid certificates must recertify only with the original certifying agency.

As we certify under the Lifesaving Society all award holders who have previously taken a SFA course with a Lifesaving Society affiliate organization may take the recertification course with us.

The name of the agency which has previously provided you with certifications is printed on the cards. 

If a customer has previously certified with another agency (e.g red-cross, St. Johns Ambulance, Rescue 7 etc.) the candidate will need to undertake the full course with us. 

To compensate our clients in this situation we offer the candidate the full course at the price of a recertification course.

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